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Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology, 2008-2013
Graduated with High Distinction. Wilfrid Laurier University.

On the Mic

Recording tech with Devon Quelch, 2016
Month long Workshop consisting of weekly 3.5 hour classes. Focus on recording technology and DAW usage, including Garageband and Pro Tools. Skills taught included sound effect editing, level adjustment and automation, basic mixing, and mistake/ambient noise correction.

Animation Pre Lay Level 2 with Karl Willems, 2016
Month long Workshop consisting of weekly 3.5 hour classes. Simulated Auditions for a pre lay television length episode recording, followed by recording of a full episode script each week. Focus on dynamic range, working with a full cast in booth, maintaining voices between single and multiple episodes per class, and taking direction.

Business of VO Workshop with Noel Johansen and Devon Quelch, 2015
A one day intensive workshop split into two halves. The first explored the business side of voice acting, self promotion, client retention, marketing, audition protocol, and voice analysis. The second focused on the technical side of setting up a home studio, proper acoustic treatment, home recording techniques and technical knowledge, and gear specs and recommendations.

Acting for Voice Acting with Fiona Hogan, 2015
Month long Workshop consisting of weekly 3.5-4 hour classes. Classes covered a mixture of acting techniques and styles, and performances included partnered scenes, monologues, and mock voice reads both solo and partnered reads. Included dramatic, comedic, and emotive acting, as well animation and commercial reads.

Animation Development Workshop with Lee Tockar, 2015
Month long Workshop consisting of weekly 3.5 hour classes. Classes covered topics including character development, maintenance, range and emotion, accent training, as well as on the mic readings with audition-style slating and casting style feedback

On The Mic Audition Workout Workshop with Allister Abell, 2015
Month long Workshop consisting of weekly 3.5 hour Audition "Workouts." Classes simulated auditions, detailed feedback on animation, commercial, and group reads.

Other Workshops

Animation and Radio Commercial Workshop with Cathy Weseluck, 2015                                                                               
Full day workshop including vocal training, industry protocol, and on mic training in both commercial and animation character reads    
Mike Kirby's Voiceworx Workshop, 2014
Weekend Warrior Workshop, specializing in commercial/documentary narration, audition prep and audio books

Sunday Muse's "Great Big Voices of Teens and Adults" Workshop, 2014
Workshop specializing in character acting, group and solo recording, range finding, andmicrophone technique

Private Lessons with Cathy Weseluck, 2013-2014
One-on-one Skype lessons focused on range, emotion, vocal clarity, and dynamic voicing (screaming, crying, all that fun stuff)

Private Lessons with Lucas Schuneman, 2014
One-on-one Skype lessons focused on range, emotion, character establishment, and consistency.


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